Incey Winceys Day Nursery

Contractual Terms and Registration Forms

Incey Winceys Day Nursery agrees to:

  • Care for the child during the contracted hours and at such other times as may be mutually agreed
  • Comply with all requirements of registration as laid down by the regulatory body (Ofsted) and the care standards act part 10A.
  • Comply with all requirements laid down by his/her insurance company
  • Provide suitable developmental experiences appropriate to the age and stage of the development of the child named.
  • Give at least four weeks’ written notice of annual holiday and as much notice of other leave as possible.
  • Notify the parent/guardian of any accident or injury occurring whilst the child is in the care of the nursery.
  • Be available to discuss with the parent/guardian the care and development of the child, to be arranged if either the parent/guardian or nursery requests it, at a mutually convenient time if so required by them.
  • To provide the child with meals, and such meals will be nutritionally balanced and prepared with due regard to the dietary, cultural and social requirements of the child.
  • Ensure that the child has the opportunity to take part in activities in and around their local community.
  • Maintain appropriate insurance cover, including public liability, content and motor insurance
  • Ensure that the child is appropriately restrained in a safety seat or straps according to the age and weight when traveling in a car.
  • If a child acts in a way that puts any other child or adult at serious risk of harm, we may terminate the contract with immediate effect, and without notice


The Parent (s)/ Carer (s) agree to:

  • Pay the fees as set out overleaf on the day agreed
  • Arrive and collect the child on time
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the nursery
  • Be available to discuss with the nursery the care and development of the child if so requested by the nursery at a mutually convenient time.
  • Inform the nursery of any medicine prescribed by the child’s doctor and give written permission for a senior member of the nursery team to administer the medicine if such administration is required. Written permission will be required each time medicine is administered.
  • Notify the nursery at the beginning of each contracted period of any accident or injury the child may have suffered since last in the care of the nursery, as the nursery is required to record details of injuries to the child.
  • Period of notice to end the contract:: FOUR WEEKS (notice of termination of the contract must be given in writing)