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Newsletter – Autumn 2014

Incey Winceys celebrates 5 years!

We are very pleased to be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this month. We would like to thank all of our staff team- past and present- who have all worked so hard to make the nursery what it is today. Also, thank you to all the children for making us smile every day and to their families for allowing us to look after them.


Summer Fete is a huge success!

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Summer Fete back in July, the support was overwhelming for everyone at Incey Winceys! We had donations from parents, staff, local businesses and friends and we are extremely grateful for everyone’s hard work on the day. We would like to thank Jamielee Murphy in particular for organizing the event and working round the clock to ensure everything was ready in time. We are very excited to say that we raised just over £1000. This means that we can now go ahead with our plans of a shaded area in the garden to allow the children access to the outdoors no matter the weather. This is something that we are in the process of getting quotes for, and we hope for the permanent roof like structure to be complete soon.




New Members of the Team

We are very sad to be losing Jess Clarke from the preschool, and Chantal Lodhia from the baby room – they are both at university (so good luck girls!) Also, Jeni Walters from the baby room is on maternity leave and had a little girl, Lottie on 18th September 2014.

However, this means we are welcoming some new faces to our team. You may have met some of them already:- Abbie Mileham – Baby Room Lucy Porter – Baby Room Faye Villanueva – Baby Room Debby Buchan – Ants Room Ella Rajan – Ants Room (Ella does our school runs and is now at the nursery throughout the day too)

Danél has moved to the Preschool with a promotion to Deputy Room Leader, and we are all very pleased to announce that she is expecting her first baby, a little girl due February 2015.

We are also very pleased to welcome Sue Murphy to the kitchen team alongside our chef Terry.  Sue is the sous-chef and is around on Fridays when Terry isn’t, and she works 8:30-5:30 which ensures the child carers have the most time doing what they do best – caring for children!


Information Overload

As part of keeping updated with each child and ensuring we provide the best care, we have recently sent out new contracts to replace the old ones. The new contracts includes various consent, a section on health care and an update on parents and emergency contacts.

We have received about half of these forms back but are still waiting on the rest.

If you haven’t already, please could you return the contract as soon as possible – if there is anything you would prefer not to sign etc. just leave it blank.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


Welcome to monthly invoicing

As you will know, Jenny Smith is our new finance officer and has been producing a monthly invoice for each child.

If you have a question or query around the invoice, or anything finance related please contact Jenny directly on 0208 518 8001 and go through to the office and then the finance department.

Alternatively, her email address is:

Please note, Jenny works part time and is in from 9am-5pm Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you call and she does not answer, please leave a message and Jenny will endeavor to return your call as soon as possible.


Phone System is up and running (including the preschool!)

The nursery phone numbers and line have now been combined into the main number: 0208 518 8001 When you dial this number you will hear a list of options: Press 1 for the office, press 2 for the baby room, press 3 for the ants room, press 4 for the preschool.

Please note, each extension has its own voicemail so leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers collection

We raised over 2000 vouchers during this year’s collection, so a big thank you to everyone who donated. We have ordered a variety of equipment for the garden and cooking sessions.


Photos from home

We have been making family photo albums for the children when they are missing home. Please provide photos of family members and favourite places to visit, favourite toys and books and anything else your child will recognize. We will stick them into a book to create an album for your child to flick through.


The policy of the month

This month is… Achieving Positive Behaviour Please see the display boards for more details. As consistency is so important in the care of all children, challenging behaviour is often managed more successfully when the same strategies are used at home and at nursery. We have designated Behaviour Management Co-ordinator in each of the rooms, using age appropriate strategies and would be happy to help with any questions you may have.




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