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Baby Room

0-2 Years

Our large, open-plan, baby room consists of four rooms which the children can confidently explore to their hearts content, with all toys being at low level for our babies to easily access.

Babies need love and cuddles, which is why we have a feeding chair for babies still needing a bottle and soft carpets designed to be delicate on little knees learning to crawl and walk.
Because our babies love to get messy, we also have two rooms that are dedicated to eating and messy play.

We have separate sleep rooms for the younger babies, which are equipped with cots, baby monitors and soft decor for the children to feel comfortable in.
We have a separate nappy changing area and a milk preparation area for the sterile and hygienic preparation of bottles.

Our babies all have access to our garden, and are also taken out and about to the park or just for an outing in our local community.

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